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Andrew Bell’s Google Android Toys- 02.03.10

android0.jpg They are finally nearly here! Andrew Bell teased me with sneak peeks of toys in the making on his phone over lunch a few months back ~ so long as i promised to stay quiet. Well, it’s been hard! Because, we all know as fun as the Google Android phones and UI are… i’m pretty smitten with the adorable mascot. And here they finally are! A series of blind box toys bringing that adorable little Android to life!

The details? Illustrator and toy designer Andrew Bell has teamed up with a few friends at Google’s Android project to bring their green mascot to life. Presenting Android mini collectibles series 01! Each 3” vinyl figure sports one of 12 different possible designs and features a rotating head and arms. Packed in “blind boxes” so you don’t know which design you get until you open it up. Pick one up and take a chance or grab a case for a near-complete set. Available in an initial limited release later this month from dyzplastic and specialty retailers.

If you’re ready, see more details on the next page! (And notice he says “Series 01”… will there be more???)






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6 Notes

mad good i want all of them

----- charlie wolff 04.10.10 08:13

I have just starting using Android on an Augen Gentouch 78. I think these Android toys would be great standing around my tablet pc. IMO; they are really neat. :)

----- BigGoofyGuy 14.09.10 13:20

I just ordered the O-no Sushi Green. They were out of the other colors. I’ll probably get at least one of these when they come out. LOL I’m luv’n the red one!

----- S.M. 08.02.10 16:07

Looks very cool! I like them! They will for sure brighten up my life!

----- Marcus 04.02.10 15:52

i NEED these!!!

----- Anita C 03.02.10 14:02

I may have to buy this. There’s an Ollie the Twitter bird toy too, so those two will start off my internet/gadgety toy-related shelf. I

Btw, everything Andrew Bell touches is gold. I got the red and green O-no Sushi toys. Adorable!

----- Mel 03.02.10 02:43

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