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Hotel Vitale San Francisco- 02.03.10

vitale0.jpg Looking down out this huge concave window in my Hotel Vitale room, has been strangely mesmerizing and inspiring to stare out of… from the spiderweb mess of bus cables to the curved arcs of the road and diamond of the cross walk and just watching the traffic/people flow through it… it kind of looks like a math or physics diagram…

Anyhow, Hotel Vitale has been one of my favorite spots to hide out in San Francisco since i moved out of this city… and while i’ve been in quite a few different rooms, this is definitely one of the most unique. I sleep better than usual in their beds… this room has a nice tub with a view… and this ridiculously large window! As well as the usual nice huge desk space to work at… and chaise to lounge on. Take a peek at a few pictures of the view in both day and night, as well as a peek at the room!














The bath tub is so deep i sat in it, pulled my knees to my chest and they were still underwater… you can also pull curtains around… bath1.jpg


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6 Notes

Nice feature on the Vitale. I’ve stayed there many times for business and have always had a nice experience. The Americana or Americano downstairs has a nice breakfast!

----- bee 16.02.10 09:26

wonderful window design and love the bathroom!

----- Annie 11.02.10 20:30

Nice pics very nice shots.
for the pics from above I’d have made a time lapse of the traffic that would have been awesome! next time maybe

----- Momo 05.02.10 21:17

I saw your post above, it is unique! How I wish to go there.

----- Nick Mar Alovera 04.02.10 19:23

i just loooove the curvy line of the window

----- elpan 04.02.10 17:29

You must have not been in the tubs on the roof yet? Little hotel spa secret. It’ll change your life.

----- Dee 04.02.10 13:46

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