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Hotel Pets: Soho Grand Goldfish- 02.21.10

goldfish1.jpg On unexpected surprises… did you know the Soho Grand Hotel will provide you with a roommate? An adorable little black goldfish? Strangely though, no food… i guess i will have to trust that housekeeping comes by and feeds the little guy? Their cheeky website says “If travelers cannot bring their pets, the Soho Grand offers surrogate animal companionship in the form of a goldfish in your guestroom.”

For those that asked on twitter ~ no i haven’t named it. No need to get attached, i don’t think i get to bring him with me to london… But i do wonder if there’s a mysterious room in the hotel somewhere with wall to wall goldfish bowls… do they really have enough for EVERY room? Or if you have two kids, can you request two? Or can you ask for two in the same bowl just so they dont get lonely while you’re out? Cute idea though ~ providing a bit more life to often sterile feeling hotel spaces! See more pics on the next page…






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Its nice and creative.
However as a fish lover, goldfish is not meant to be in a fish bowl, they need 10g water for 1 goldfish and proper filtration. They are probably quite cheap and hotel will buy new ones maybe every week after the previous ones die.
Sorry I know this is an art blog but I just feel bad for fish sacrifice for art :P And I think people need to be educated on this…

----- cb 05.08.10 09:13

Hey! I had one too when I stayed in the Soho grand. Unfortunately they don’t have goldfish in the Tribeca grand :( Enjoy NY!!!

----- Karin 05.04.10 04:49

such pretty fish!

----- Lisa 23.02.10 14:39

Have you not seen the movie “Made” with Vince Vaughn and Jon Favrea??

----- Clifford K. 21.02.10 23:20

I agree ~ i’m feeling a little bad for the little guy ~ and i can’t even offer him some food! If they did have fixed fish tanks, etc in certain rooms, that’d be pretty awesome! (Especially if it had pumps, and all the works!)

----- jean/NOTCOT 21.02.10 22:01

I gotta say he doesn’t look too thrilled. If it was a permanent tank that didn’t move (and a larger one) that would be nicer I think.

----- Shannon 21.02.10 21:51

How cruel for the goldfish. That particular species is a black moor and they need at least 10 gallons to be happy. In fact, no goldfish can survive longer than a few weeks in such small bowls. Where ever they keep them, they all must be stressed from the constant moving.

----- Long Tran 21.02.10 19:52

They have pet goldfish available at Kimpton Hotels as well.

----- Terri 21.02.10 18:20

What a bizarre idea … my sister used to have a fish like that with the big goggly eyes. :0)

----- Kathryn Dyche Dechairo 21.02.10 18:04

thats cool :)

----- celeste 21.02.10 17:47

My sister had told me to ask for a goldfish when I stayed at the Soho Grand. But sad to say when I asked for one, none was available. Seems the guest who checked in just before me got the last one.

I loved the rooms, and the restaurant is great.

----- Rasmus 21.02.10 17:05

he’s soooo cute!

----- dirtynap/John W 21.02.10 16:35

Cool! I’m still laughing over the “sex package” comment though. What am I, a 12 year old?

----- FubarGuy 21.02.10 16:09

who’s in the fishbowl?

enjoy your nyc trip

----- jacque 21.02.10 14:46

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