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Virgin America S&P- 02.21.10

virginsp1.jpg SO! Did the Virgin America redeye LAX-JFK ~ and even went for a window seat in hopes of photographing sunrise on the way in… sadly we got in SO EARLY, the sun hadn’t risen yet. So no pics of that… but on silly design details i couldn’t pass up… when they brought me the fruit and cheese plate - it had this adorable airplane salt and pepper shaker i had to share with you! It’s like the toy in the cereal box… only instead of cereal, it was with the fruit and cheese… Anyhow! It’s cute, check out more pics on the next page…




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It’s so cute I would have taken it home with me!

----- Eat Me Outta Here 28.02.10 16:23

That’s surprisingly adorable! If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that “prize inside” equals brand loyalty so smart move on their part ;3

----- Brigitte 22.02.10 02:28

I want one for those sack lunch days shared with my son. Ohh heck what am I saying it would be fun to have on the desk instead of the cardboard tubes stuffed in the drawer.

----- Erik 21.02.10 22:02

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