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Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II- 02.24.10

mercurial00.jpg Good morning 3am London ~ it’s been quite the evening with Nike Football/Soccer, running around and ending up on buses with ~400 international press folks ~ ending up at Battersea Power Station in the rain with its huge purple projections, only to delve deeper into what some felt was like a bat cave or villainous lair of lights and steps and shiny new products to tempt us with. But the main attraction announced tonight (with the help of Cristiano Ronaldo) ~ was what all this purple was about! And my favorite part of course is not only the new shoe, the Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II… but the magical glowingly purple glass/cement box that looked like an apple store in a shipping container. The purple dots on the glass became smaller and smaller until you could see the wall of shoes hung upon them… On the next page see pictures of the installation, the new Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II, the new Nike Football+ iphone app (with twitter/facebook integrations), design sketches… and the full press release!









they didn’t turn on all the glowing lights until it was officially announced… mercurial5.jpg


There was a Q&A with Cristiano Ronaldo ~ mercurial11.jpg

here he is clutching the Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II in front of a massive image of himself… wearing it… mercurial12.jpg

A peek at the bigger picture of the box glowing once it was announced… mercurial13.jpg

Sketches of the work in progress! mercurial14.jpg

A few clips from the presentation of why this is changing the game… mercurial15.jpg

AND there is a new application ~ Nike Football+ ~ which will let players connect/train with some of their football idols! And it also has twitter and facebook integrations too… tweet.jpg

And because its 3am, i’m exhausted, and we all know i’m no football expert… for those who are curious to know more, here’s the press release:

LONDON, UK (February 24, 2010) - At a global media event featuring footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in London, NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) today unveiled the Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II, a lightweight boot featuring a new, unique adaptive traction system designed for explosive acceleration. The Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II features a reengineered upper for enhanced fit and ball control for fast feet. The vibrant ultra-violet color boosts visibility on the pitch.

“NIKE, Inc. is the world’s largest and most innovative football company,” said Mark Parker, NIKE, Inc.’s President & CEO. “Our success in the world’s most popular sport is based on creating innovative products and experiences such as the new, incredibly light and responsive Mercurial SuperFly II boot and Nike Football+ which connects the digital and physical worlds of football. These are among Nike’s most advanced products to date and will help write the next chapter for Nike football.”

Traction on demand In developing NIKE SENSE adaptive traction technology, designers created an adaptive stud that can extend and retract by up to 3mm, based on ground conditions and pressure exerted by the player. Directionally positioned blades maximize cutting and allow for quick changes of direction, while secondary toe traction provides added toe-off power for those first critical steps. The result is a boot that enables greater speed in all directions.

Nike’s design and engineering teams talked with some of the fastest players in the world, who emphasized that acceleration around a defender is just as important as beating him in a straight line. The Nike Sports Research Lab researched the world championship finals in 2006 and found that there were 845 slipping events over 63 games, or roughly 14 per game. Building on these insights, the Nike team collaborated closely with elite athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexandre Pato to create a boot that enables toe-off acceleration and minimizes slippage in game-changing situations.

“For me, it’s all about first-step acceleration, but twisting and turning around a defender is also important,” Cristiano Ronaldo said. “The Mercurial Vapor Superfly II helps me do both, so I can beat my opponent and create scoring opportunities.”

Athlete insights also pointed to the desire for a close fit around the foot without compromising on durability or support. Next-generation Nike Flywire technology incorporated into the boot’s streamlined upper provides a lightweight, strong and more dynamic fit. The carbon composite tuned chassis provides a lightweight platform with traction elements and allows players to stay closer to the ground.

Access to the elite through Nike Football+ The Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II also gives consumers unprecedented access to the training insights of the world’s top players, teams and coaches through Nike Football+. Each pair of boots comes with a unique user code that can be used to unlock trade secrets from inside the game and the next installment of Nike Football+, Master Speed training content on NikeFootball.com.

The Nike Football + Master Speed program provides exclusive access to Brazil national team stars Robinho, Fabiano and Nilmar, putting the power of speed directly into footballers’ hands and their game day preparation. Four camps are available: • A Pelada - Learn high-speed ways to practice fast, competitive Brazilian football. • O Brasilerao - Meet the coaches and players of Brazil’s premier club, Corinthians. Experience four authentic drills with top club coaches. • Na Gringa - Only the best Brazilians go to Europe. Get the inside track on the real difference between the continental games from the superstars who experience it - and apply it to your own game. • A Selecao -Enter the top secret world of the Brazil National Team’s training hideaway in the mountains, Granja Comery. Experience squad drills and 3-man exercises with a top CBF coach.

Building on the Master Speed program, “Inside the Elite” is a new feature offering exclusive inside access to players. Athletes including Robinho, Javier Mascherano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic offer candid insights on their game and match preparation.

In addition to these Nike Football+ Master Speed programs, footballers will have access to country-specific Nike Football+ activities like training sessions, trial events and player appearances. Nike Football+ is also available as an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch on iTunes®.

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8 Notes

I love this boot. I have it myself. Im going hard to get pro and reach far when it comes to football. Im 16 (1994) and playing for our juniors (1993) and our A-team. Nike and Cristiano have been such a great help to be the football player I am today. Continue your good work guys!

----- Daniel Osen. 01.07.10 05:40

Omg these cleats look ausome!!! N cristiano Ronaldo is da best I can’t wait to get them!!!:)

----- Jose gomez 26.06.10 13:20

i have just got these boots and im always playing in my backgardin with them they are one of the best cristie ronaldo is my star ive always want to meet him and play football with him i dont care what people think hes a show off hes amazing hes showing off his talent

----- anthony beyga 16.05.10 13:07

@brian: …,staat designed it,
an Amsterdam based creative agency,
together with the Nike EMEA designteam.

( http://www.staatamsterdam.nl )

----- jochem 03.05.10 10:42

I can’t wait to get my hands (or I guess my feet if you want to get technical about it) on the new Mercurial Vapors. Only more one day before the Vapor Superfly II is available at NikeStore

----- Chris 31.03.10 12:47

Was it lost on anyone that the Mecurial was on the feet of U.S.’s Clint Dempsey when he scored what some are calling “the goal of the year” in the Fulham F.C. 4-1 win over Italian powerhouse Juventus, yesterday?

----- bottlcaps 19.03.10 16:34

nice work!
who designed it?

----- brian 25.02.10 07:39

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