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Nike Sportswear Six Collaborations- 02.24.10

teamkit1.jpg James Jarvis!!! Ok, that’s my first reaction… or, maybe my second after, “oooh, florescent lights.” But what we have here is a first look at a the jackets in the new Nike Sportswear Six Collaborations… and its 5am, and i should sleep, but i wanted to share it with you… so see the pics on the next page, and SlamXHype has some good info and apparently more will come tomorrow… but for now, check out the close ups of the artistic crests and crazy fonts on the back. For each of these 6 countries, artists from the respective countries were selected to reinterpret the full team kit! The artists are as follows ~ USA - Mister Cartoon, England - James Jarvis, France - So Me, Netherlands - Delta, South Africa - Kronk, Brazil - Nunca. See the fun pics on the next page. I’m madly James Jarvis lusting.




teamkit5.jpg From Slamxhype ~ love the rational behind this design - “While British graphic artist James Jarvis is best known for his playful illustrations and contributions to the designer toy phenomenon, he takes his sports seriously. At first glance, his interpretation of the England crest stays true to the national archetype, but up close the designs are all Jarvis: his heraldic lion flashing a trademark googly-eyed grin. Jarvis drew from medieval woodblock prints for inspiration, and the “10” on the chest is traditionally reserved for the most beautiful players of the game.”








oh and just for fun ~ loved this pic of the madness… ha.jpg

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6 Notes

These are pretty amazing, hope to see these online soon so i can spend money.

----- M Words 03.03.10 16:30

When will these be available in stores online and will i be able to get the england jacket here in the states?

----- Joe 02.03.10 17:24

@NOOP Spain is sponsored by Adidas

I love these. Wish they could also find designers from Portugal, Korea, Australia and the other countries Nike sponsor

----- emorishima 02.03.10 09:45

the gear is fresh yo..
Glad the world cup is in South Africa too

----- zon 26.02.10 21:50

It is definitely nice to see the works of James Jarvis outside the realm of Juxtapose and Kid Robot! I may just have to take a trip to the Nike shop!


Great photography but twice as nice…..
Kat+Duck Photography

----- Kat 25.02.10 12:09

The fact that they are not representing Spain, the favorites to win the world cup, is ridiculous.

----- noope 25.02.10 07:26

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