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Aston Martin One-77 Close Up- 03.09.10

one7700.jpg I’ve been thinking of a million and one ways to start this post over the last year… So, here goes! In Nov 2008, i was in talks with Aston Martin’s London agency and it came up to have a post looking for someone UK local to go to the Aston Martin Factory in Gaydon for NOTCOT. That was supposed to happen a month or two later… and between scheduling and the economy shifting and Aston Martin’s tumultuous year… a lot changed for them, and for the winner… and so, it’s been a year and a bit, but they happened to have a last minute opening around their customer tours, and we were finally able to squeeze in a visit to the Aston Martin Factory while i was in London. And Tom, thank you for being so understanding!

Ok, so all that aside ~ how sexy is that curve where the One-77 body flows to the side mirror? Putting the iridescent color shifting periwinkle/grey aside, there’s something very batmobile aggressive to the look of the One-77… even more so in person than those initial press shots. Not yet in production, and already sold out for its limited run of 77 customizable supercars priced at $1.5-2 million a piece… it was fun to get to take a look at some of the design details of this prototype up close… take a peek at my favorite details on the next page… as well as a video of it in action!










This is my second favorite detail ~ the way the door opens (and they hinge at an upward angle ever so slightly) and how cleanly they cut… one7710.jpg

Isn’t that one mean looking light? one7711.jpg

Also love the way the mirrors are edgeless and completely flush with the mirror… one7712.jpg










And to see it in action ~ here’s the latest from Left Lane News

… and rumors are flying that one Middle Eastern car-lover is said to have bought 10 Aston Martin One-77s… to gift to his family members!

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Next time you have to go to Warwickshire to see a car, take me with you!!!

----- Nigel Henry 16.12.10 12:16

This car is quite orgasmic. Sexy on the outside, beast on the inside, no other combination can be better than that, well unless her designers were visually stimulated by me haha. if i have this car i will definitely name it Diva.

----- baronsantiago 11.03.10 07:31

I might as well dream here as in bed :) pure genius in design, Aston Martin sets the automobile standards for the future.

----- Eamonn Mooney 11.03.10 06:58

wow. wow. i mean. wow. great photos, as usual. what a beautiful car!!

----- Birr Murdock 10.03.10 13:25

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