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Aston Martin DBS Saddle- 03.09.10

saddle1.jpg Going through pictures from the London trip… i have so many i’ve been meaning to share from Aston Martin. Sadly, i wasn’t able to take pictures inside the actual factory other than some super glarey diagrams on the walls… and the lighting for most of the cars was a bit difficult, but lots of details and overviews to share! Unsure of where to start, this saddle jumped out at me when i was going through the pics… it’s like a picnic basket meets a horse saddle… for the hump in the backseat of your Aston Martin DBS… Apparently each saddle is individually handmade by Robin Coleman in Warwickshire. Each saddle takes two craftsmen 28 hours! It has room for everything including your bottle of wine! See more pics on the next page.




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Amazing craftsmanship on these saddles. I’ve never even rode a horse but looking at these makes me wanna try it out. you’d thing that Aston Martin was a leather company rather than a luxury car company. Great post

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