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Aston Martin Rapide: The Details- 03.15.10

rapide0.jpg Aston Martin’s Rapide touts itself as “The World’s Most Elegant Four-Door Sports Car”… while it is certainly entering a growing market of 4 door luxury sports cars… and you can read quite a bit about it all over the web, what struck me most about it in person were the tiniest details. Some found on quite a few Aston Martins, others quite Rapide specific… if you’re ready, take a peek at the details that grabbed my attention… most notable are definitely the tiny sphere of a trunk opening button and the +/- cut matte metal and leather paddle shifters… and what an aggressive face it has when you look at it straight on! Also while from the exterior it doesn’t actually look all that much bigger than the others, yet once you’re inside its ridiculously spacious ~ and the rear seats fold flat! Anyhow, take a peek at all the best details on the next page from my tour at the Aston Martin Factory!

The Key ~ its a whole unit, just slide it in! rapide2.jpg

You know that handle in the rear passenger seats? Well this one is magnetic! So its not dangling about… or you can stick your keys to it… endless fun for the kids? rapide3.jpg

This is tiny ball bearing of a button is for opening the trunk! rapide4.jpg

Paddle shifters! SO SO pretty, and they feel so good! rapide1.jpg

Tiny parking break pull ~ right next to your cupholder… rapide5.jpg

Exhaust full encased… rapide6.jpg

It just screams.. GRRRRRR……. rapide7.jpg

Spacious trunk… rapide8.jpg

Seats fold flat… rapide9.jpg

Even the trunk clasp has little pop up panels to hide unsightly tech guts when open… rapide10.jpg



The door handles have little lights than light up! rapide13.jpg

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Wow… I’ve never drooled over an inanimate object before… ♥

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