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LA Times Magazine: 50 Signature Handbags- 03.15.10

purses1.jpg One of my favorite things about my mom, she’s always cut out comics, pulled magazine articles, cut up newspapers… and now emails me links all the time as well… perhaps she was one of the curators of my world and editors of NOTCOT before it even came to be… one of her recent saves for me, which i couldn’t help sharing, LA Times Magazine has this awesome feature of 50s ~ in this case, 50 Signature Handbags ~ Cachet and carry ~ beautifully illustrated by Jameson Simpson. While i love the way the 50 look on the page (so i had to take a scanner to the mag for you) ~ i love the functionality of the web version ~ it slides along as you hop between numbers… but i’m torn, i do love my visuals more on the ‘overwhelming, all at once, let me choose what i want to see’ side of things… BUT on the web you can see the fun illustrations of our fashion classics up close! Anyhow, browse them all on the next page!








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I always excelled at tech specs in design school and these sort of remind me of those! Great post. Love it!

----- Sheree 18.03.10 10:59

So glad you posted this! It’s fantastic.

----- Gabrielle 16.03.10 14:52

As a fellow illustrator I have to say I am completely smitten with this entire series! Just lovely!

----- Jen Renninger 15.03.10 19:44

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