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Japanese Wooden Spinning Tops- 03.08.10

tops1.jpg Tops! They are universally mesmerizing! Regardless of age, they will definitely amuse… so imagine how my eyes widened when i came upon a huge bowl of these small wooden japanese spinning tops at Tortoise in Venice Beach… i kept going through the whole bowl ~ one by one ~ and slowly ended up buying a dozen. They were all so different! So hard to resist! And many have these floating rings carved into them that float as they spin… and they make the most amazing sounds… when still, the curvatures in your hand are just so beautiful… and then get them spinning, and it’s hard not to just watch them for ages… see the videos and more pics on the next page!

Here is an iphone pic of the big bowl of tops at Tortoise: moretops.jpg




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2 Notes

these are beautiful. do you have any information on who makes them?

----- jb 09.03.10 22:48

Simply organically beautiful and fun :)

----- kate 08.03.10 13:45

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