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Playmobil Safe Crackers- 03.07.10

playmobil0.jpg On random design inspiration ~ Playmobil seems to have evolved quite a bit since i was a kid. We had the zoo, rock climbers, fancy dressed victorians with car, the teepee, and farm animals… but definitely no disheveled stubbly striped shirt, sport jacket, sunglass, and beanie wearing safe crackers… these guys even come with graspable money, a canister with hose to freeze the lock(?), silver suitcase, keys, flashlight, and even a weighty metal gold bar… best part of all, the safe is actually lockable! You can set the combination by picking two numbers… and it actually clicks as you rotate the dials.

So for random weekend experiments, had a bit too much fun taking pics of this set on the pool table…





They even printed Playmobil on the bottom of the metal gold bars… playmobil5.jpg

The safe actually locks, so don’t forget your combo… though with two rings of 0-7, it wouldn’t take long to try all 64 combinations… playmobil6.jpg

Andrew Bell’s painted Chris Yates’ ghostie hopped in the safe… and shot them all on this beautiful agate trivet from A+R Storeplaymobil7.jpg

… and added the Rocketworld skull and bones… playmobil8.jpg





Here’s a peek at how the described setting the plastic lock… playmobil13.jpg

There’s something about these beautiful agate trivets that feels like an MRI… playmobil14.jpg

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3 Notes

I assumed the canister was a blowtorch. lol

----- Axion 14.04.10 15:38

I think the canister is like the one from No country for old men, the air pressure gun, haha. Nothing beats a head start to a future career…

----- Edward Lai 09.03.10 07:56

The trivet is nice, and maybe it doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure that that deep blue color comes from a die and is not the natural color of the earth. This happens a lot in rock shops and other places that want to sell an already beautiful rock for more money.

----- Michael 08.03.10 08:39

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