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Max Wanger - Weddings to Tees- 03.06.10

maxwanger0.jpg I’m not the kind of girl who peruses bridal magazines, wedding dresses dresses, planning websites… i don’t dream about that moment in my life… but somewhere along the way i fell for Max Wanger’s unique style of photographing love ~ for weddings, for engagements, just because. There’s a way he sees the world and the lovers in it… and a way he shares it with all of us that is just irresistibly nostalgic, romantic, and joyful ~ all while feeling like a work of art… you step into the techni-colored dream where only that couple resides… AND, he’s taken it one step further. Now the portrayals of Max Wanger’s most iconic moments of hipster love are translated into t-shirts! Currently there are coming out in limited his and hers editions monthly (available to anyone!)… but imagine doing your engagement shoot, and using that imagery throughout your invitations, your table settings, and then giving away tshirts to your guests or wedding party?

First came the silhouette of the couple with a balloon… Then hands spelling out LOVE… the WISH tickets blowing in the wind… the lone seagull blowing a heart… and freshly launched for March: Giraffe! He’s found a way to capture the essence of a romantic shoot into versatile tshirt designs… as symbolic or literal as you decide to interpret them! See the collection thus far on the next page…







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4 Notes

Hello Max,

I absolutely love these t-shirts, how do I know which ones are still available and what sizes?

Many thanks


ps. I like the ones with the wishes

----- Julie 16.03.10 08:07

Met you a few weeks ago when you dropped into the winery. So excited to see you and I have more in common- MW is an absolute favorite of mine, and these T’s are fabulous! Can’t wait to see more of your inspiration.

----- Hailey C- from Rombauer 08.03.10 13:14

jean! i hate to say it but i personally can’t WAIT for you to have a wedding someday… i imagine it will be the most beautifully creative fantastical event… everytime you catch a little wedding related thing, i bank it, it’s always pitch perfect in the cacophony of LAME that industry has become…

----- liz 07.03.10 07:55

Very intriguing! It’s nice to see the inspiration behind the projects.

----- nata 06.03.10 09:05

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