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Nike Jersey in a (Plastic) Bottle- 03.01.10

prbottle0.jpg On fun press kit design and packaging - this one made me pretty giddy. Nike put a jersey in a bottle! And no, as much as i tried, pulling it out of the little hole doesn’t really work. They ingeniously put a pull tab across the label which hid the split in the bottle. Conceptually it really drives the point home that these super light dry-fit jerseys are each upcycled from 8 plastic bottles. I do hope they didn’t waste more making/using the plastic bottles to house these though! These also came with the most adorable teeny tiny USB keys containing the press releases and high res pics of the newly launched collections.

On design details to watch out for as the Nike World Cup team kits get launched (home kits we got a peek at, but official launches are to come…) ~ All of the 2010 World Cup Nike jerseys have a secret message printed on the inside behind the team emblem, next to the hearts of players ~ for the Brazilian one it says “orgulho e amor”, which is Portuguese for “pride and love”! It was the most exciting feature i was looking forward to once i got the shirt out of the bottle… for the others, waiting to see the artwork/calligraphy when Nike has pics ready! Take a peek at the un-bottling and details on the next page!

















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Is that water bottle i see included in the 8? How come it takes 14 water bottles now?

----- Adam 09.07.11 19:05

Nice one from Nike.

I really like the idea of using recycled materials for a shirt. Make a good gift also.

----- Rene Jansen 26.05.10 01:13

Hi all

As part of the team responsible for the plastic bottles idea, I just wanted to clarify that we made 1,500 of these as press kits only (so not for general retail), using fully recyclable plastic bottles.

Using fabric from recycled bottles from the actual shirts meant we diverted approximately 13 million bottles from landfill in Asia (bottles sourced where the shirts are made, not shipped globally).

----- Charlie Brooks 13.05.10 04:52

Well guys, that is not amazing… Yes, they recycle plastic but why don’t re design, it’s just a plastic bottle, doesn’t make sense.
That doesn’t make the difference, I’ll have another bottle that before was 8… It’s simply stupid, they want to recycle or be more popular for colaborate and be vanguardist?

----- Cesar Ponce 14.03.10 12:30

Glad they used recycled bottles. When I first saw the link on facebook I was kind of annoyed. Pretty cool concept.

----- Mike Johnson 02.03.10 15:55

I love the concept I want one where can I buy one I went to Nike web page but I wasn’t able to find it.

----- Daniela Aravena 02.03.10 15:46

this is an awesome marketing idea… that is totally counter-intuitive. Let’s manufacture and waste another plastic bottle to show we make shirts from recycled bottles? Weird… I do love the creativity though… super rad.

----- joshua 02.03.10 09:18

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