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Crips - better than crisps!- 03.01.10

crips1.jpg How can you resist squirrels… on retro fabulous bodies… on a bag of not-crisps… holding sweet chillis? The graphics were just too irresistible not to buy a bag of the baked goodness when we were at Waitrose earlier. And then upon discovering their website, there are even MORE fun graphics, and the most adorable site as well. So take a peek at my Crips on the next page… pics of the bag and snacks themselves as well as a look at their beautifully laid out newsletter and site!







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I thought you liked them because they were named after the notorious L.A. street gang the “Crips”. That’s why I eat ‘em. Mmmm-mmmm. Venice.Shoreline.Crip.Gang ‘til I die!

----- tswingler 02.03.10 19:34

ha, i love how you’re totally digging waitrose!! admittedly they do have lots of cool packaging - and in fact, i’ve bought that exact same pack in the past cos of the squirrels (i thought they tasted like crackers). you should go downstairs at wholefoods on high st kensington, you’ll find lots of quirky, neatly packaged stuff down there (or maybe it’s just imported american stuff that i find cool??! hah) oh and magma in covent garden for cool non-food products — i’m obssessed w/ that shop!

----- julie 01.03.10 15:09

Adorable packaging, and they actually look delicious!

----- CAROLINE 01.03.10 09:16

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