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Oakley HQ: The Details- 03.12.10

oakfac.jpg I feel like such a tease. I keep showing you parts of Oakley HQ, but not the insides… well not the normal insides, just the secret bar so far. And since these are in fact their real offices with 1500 people or so… there is a lot of work going on, and the majority of it confidential… so for everything i CAN show you, just know that there were probably 10 things i was dying to take pics of to share with you… whether they were prototypes, new designs, renders, sketches, or even amazing future wall tiles that i’m still lusting after… BUT that being said, take a peek at how awesome the architecture is, a peek down memory lane of Oakley’s history, the ejection seats CEO Colin’s waiting room… and his mine… camouflage covered cubicles… a few allowed sketches… the GI Joe looking guy dropping out of a helicopter on me when i looked up… machine gun in the hallway… AWESOME diorama’s to put your childhood shoebox setups to shame… and a bit more.

On Oakley fun facts: Did you know the name came from that adorable dog up there? And you can see the original 70s acorn logo from their bike grip days on the next page too!



Stepping into the lobby… oakleyhq4.jpg

So those fans WORK. but they squeek or something… and drive the poor receptionists insane… so they are seldom (if ever) on… oakleyhq5.jpg

Check out that orginal logo! And that’s Oakley the dog! And their first product ever… oakleyhq6.jpg






oakleyhq12.jpg … and that concludes your super brief version of the museum…. fun video from Oakley over at facebook showing you this with a bit more detail


isn’t that some waiting room? All those ejection seats, and they dont even make them JUMP when its your turn… oakleyhq14.jpg



In the seas of cubicles ~ it was fun that some were camo tented… oakleyhq17.jpg



I literally looked up and this guy was coming down at me… oakleyhq20.jpg



these dioramas were constructed and shot for a print ad campaign… oakleyhq23.jpg

Beautiful special artist projects! oakleyhq27.jpg



The theater… oakleyhq30.jpg

Isn’t that an impressive podium? And so steampunk scifi? oakleyhq31.jpg

oakleyhq32.jpg Sadly, leaving the dramatic space of the Oakley Lair… if you’re in the area, visitors are welcome to pop on by, climb on the tank, and check out the store and displays in the lobby!

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I’d love to work in a place that glorified the military industrial complex and where tokens of Western imperialism adorn the hallways along with the tools of destruction and violence we use to oppress anyone who would challenge our authority to dictate global laws and policies.

----- John 24.10.10 21:07

Oakley’s design aesthetic inauthentic? You’re insane. Oakley’s been doing stuff like for years and Jim Jannard, Oakley’s founder, has even brought it over to his new venture at Red Camera.

But hey, if you like the stale cookie-cutter designs from the likes of Ray-Ban, all the more power to you.

----- Vimdar 31.08.10 21:11

Wow! I love the concept of the waiting room, ejectable seats, i think the designer felt very free to let the child out of him! Bravo!

Thanks for posting things like that!
Make my hour and a half!

----- Manu Pigeon 20.04.10 16:22

Amazing, wish I worked with you guys… Company Morale must be at amazing Highs! Keep up the great atmosphere and products!

----- Ian Mitchell 17.03.10 07:40

Oakley’s design aesthetic is inauthentic at best and wildly overwrought at worst. Horrible stuff all around.

----- c-dub 14.03.10 13:53

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