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humangear GoToob- 03.12.10

gotoob1.jpg On travel obsessions, someone just reminded me one of the few items that has made my MUST PACK list ~ i’ve been so busy using, i have yet to write about it. humangear’s GoToobs have been indispensable. Sure they are similar to Paul Koh’s Bubble Bottles ~ but they are much better. A more airport security 1 quart ziploc bag friendly shape for packing… the ring allows you to select Soap, Shamp., Cond., Lotion, Sun, … so no sniffing to figure out what’s in there, and no need for labels… wide mouth opening for cleaning/filling… the one thing i never thought i’d use, yet have many a time ~ SUCTION CUP! So far they come in green, blue, clear, pink, and a newly added orange! See more pics on the next page…





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I have a similar product from Dot&Dot. Works great!

----- Stella 02.09.14 08:38

Awesome! I’ve tried several types of travel bottles and always end up throwing them out after 1-2 trips because they leak or hard to clean out. These look perfect. Thanks :)

----- Patricia 20.03.10 16:11

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