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Red Bull Art of Can in the Tags!- 03.03.10

redbull1.jpg It’s pretty mind blowing what some artists manage to do with nothing but a pile of red bull cans! I know i’ve been a bit slow in updating the tags recently ~ time flies! So i’m super excited that NOTCOT Advertiser, Red Bull, was game to let me showcase my favorites from the previous Red Bull: Art of the Can winners in the tags for a few weeks! Also, entries are now open for the next round of the Red Bull: Art of the Can contest, so if you think you have what it takes, definitely get chugging the red bulls and designing/building away, then enter! Now for a bit more inspiration, look at a few close up detail shots of some of my favorites on the next page… i can’t even imagine how they did some of these!





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5 Notes

These are truly amazing :)

----- Celeste 05.03.10 20:39

Hey, loved seeing my “Common Ground” in the tag. Very clever way to show the work. Thanks!

----- Kathryn Beale 04.03.10 19:50

That’s awesome! Loved every single one of them!

----- Lucas 03.03.10 16:36

That’s great !!!

----- Simu 03.03.10 10:48

Wow, I really love the carnival mask (even if the work seems less important than the first pic).

----- Joffrey 03.03.10 08:24

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