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W+K 2010 Goodness Calendar!- 03.03.10

wkgoodness2.jpg Oh, W+K Studio Goodness ~ you guys are SO sweet, and awesomely inspiring. On fun surprises to come home to after the latest round of travels ~ firstly, how adorable is it that they made the envelope pattern align perfectly? I almost felt bad to pull the envelope off to read the card… but luckily i did, since i couldn’t stop smiling once i saw all the many fun signatures and notes within!!!

SO ~ here we have the unboxing/close up look of the incredible, hand screened (with love!), limited edition of 75 (but only 50 for sale here) 2010 Goodness Calendar… this is lucky number 37! Other than beautiful graphics, i love the note on the back… and that its a calendar that runs from Feb 2010 - Jan 2011… and i totally agree with them, i often forget i need calendars around until well into january, so why not offset it a little? It’s still totally useful!






wkgoodness7.jpg To the whole W+K Studio Goodness team ~ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ~ for being so inspiring and fun, i only hope my sites can inspire you as much as you guys inspire me! :)

And for a peek at one of the many pages (you can view them all here!) wkgoodness8.jpg

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I love the way they signed the card. Somehow it looks a lot friendlier for all of the chaos.

----- Craig Ogg 03.03.10 22:56

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