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Miya Shinma Perle Parfumée- 04.05.10

shinma0.jpg While checking out some of the new malls that popped up in Singapore since my last trip ~ came across the adorable new Atomi in Mandarin Gallery ~ specializing in “Japanese Designs x Comfortable Lifestyle”. Irresistible were the beautiful pearls by japanese parisian Miya Shinma (grew up in japan and studied perfumery in paris) ~ the Perle Parfumée was designed in Paris made in Japan. Basically these spheres (housed in a wood box sealed with wax paper) are scented… and you can leave them in little dishes or satchels around the house ~ and every 4-5 months, if needed, you can refresh them with essential oils. The whole box would make such a lovely gift! Take a peek at close up pics on the next page!

p.s. Also a fun idea ~ her scented fans!












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The fan is now available for trying in the boutique! :)

Andrew & Mitsuko

----- Andrew & Mitsuko 29.08.10 02:39

I had something similar to these in a little satchel in my closet. They are great and lasted for several months. Definitely one of the best style of air freshners I have ever used.

----- jeff 07.04.10 17:23

Thank you for the pictures! We are really glad that you loved our products. Such nice write up are giving us the motivation to find more products from Japan for you.

----- Andrew & Mitsuko 06.04.10 03:52

lovely :)
can you comment on the scent of those rosie pearls ?
how much do one of these cost ?
anyway of getting them online ?

thank you

----- MasterArNab 05.04.10 03:54

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