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Pinetti Modular Leather Bags + More- 04.27.10

modleather1.jpg Across the street from my milan hotel was a store front i must have walked past every day, and then one day stopped dead in my tracks when i suddenly noticed HOW these bags and ottomans and more were made… they all use the same simple leather units to build them up! I imagined the packaging being a DIY stack of leather pieces with instructions on the many possible configurations. What a beautiful and unusual use of leather…

Turns out these are the brand new Pinetti products experimenting with materials and shapes creating collections like “Hook” trying to interpret our contemporary lifestyle. The Hook collection makes use of one single leather module without the aid of glue or staples, to create several different types of handmade objects. Pinetti, a handmade leather goods manufacturer based in Bergamo, just north of Milan combines tailor made attention and tradition, inspired by the high quality of its raw materials to satisfy the requirements of the contemporary lifestyle. Take a peek at the shop display and details on the next page!





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3 Notes

I love these bags!!! Where can I purchase?

----- Margaret 26.09.11 20:02

This is an Antonio de Marco design (4p1b design studio, Milan) for Pinetti.

----- Monica 05.05.10 05:28

How can someone outside of Italy purchase one of these bags? They’re super cool!

----- Alexa 05.05.10 01:25

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