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Operation Window Seat: Stuttgart/Milan- 04.08.10

opwindowseat1.jpg As you’ve noticed by now, i have been recently fascinated by the world from above ~ and not in just a google satellite view ~ but amazing views of cities and the in betweens as dramatic sunsets and sunrises hit them… So thanks to Mercedes who was incredibly kind to bring me to Stuttgart to learn more about their world (even when i needed to come from Singapore and leave to Milan)… here’s another installment of what my friend and i have been calling Operation Window Seat! Doing it backwards, on the next page you can see pics as i come in to Milan from Stuttgart… then Stuttgart on my way from Singapore… amazing how the terrain changes ~ and the lighting!





These are a look at coming in to Stuttgart! Fun to have my first real German experience be thru Mercedes… opwindowseat6.jpg





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4 Notes

These are wonderful. It really took me back to when I flew recently, and desperately wished I had my camera!

----- HOLLY 18.12.11 00:22

I love how the colours were captured so beautifully, some of the most wonderful scenes can be seen through the window of a plane, not including pigeons being sucked into the engine. Which camera was used for these photos?

----- Anne 10.04.10 08:34

Wow Jean, these are some amazing pictures! I hope you liked your first experience in Germany. The next time you should come and visit Hamburg (and Berlin). Of course you can visit me. Now you are officially invited.

----- Roitsch 09.04.10 01:51

Wow, the first picture looks like it was made in terragen. Great photos!

----- matt 09.04.10 01:13

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