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Mercedes-Benz Design Studio Powerwall - 04.08.10

mercedes_powerwall0.jpg As with most car design studios, Mercedes-Benz’ Stuttgart Design Studio has a room with huge lustworthy displays, their Powerwall ~ which allows for 1:1 scale high res imagery of car images and renders, video conferencing with their studios around the world, and more. The most unique and beautiful aspect of their setup is their custom physical interface for Autodesk Showcase, which allows you to control the 3D renders! A light table with objects each encoded on the bottom… you can swap cars on the table to change colors, spin the car to spin the model, zoom/pan/tilt, and even change the clear acrylic blocks to swap the scenery… amazingly fun and beautifully executed! See more images of it on the next page.

p.s. Sadly, photography isn’t allowed in the studio (yes. they took our phones and cameras!), but we did have one awesome photographer indulging even some of my randomest requests… So images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

See ~ black car on = black car on screen! Swap to silver, and it turns silver, etc… mercedes_powerwall1.jpg

The screens behind the powerwall… mercedes_powerwall2.jpg

Even the shape of the table is beautifully designed! mercedes_powerwall3.jpg



Here you can see some of the dot markers on the underside of the controllers: mercedes_powerwall6.jpg

A peek at some of the variations we played with… mercedes_powerwall7.jpg

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3 Notes

The Auto show and Mercedes creative you have posted is aw sum. Really- not seen before. More later..
thanks. I could see all this and not get on one plane or go thru passport control!!

----- doug boyd 18.11.10 18:50

Hi Jean,

I don’t think your requests were random :o)
I like those pictures and I am glad you asked for them!

Talk to you soon, it was great meeting you

----- Kristina 13.04.10 07:26

I can see the back of my head!

----- Markus 09.04.10 00:15

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