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Sandy Vohr’s Leather Zoo- 04.03.10

bookends1.jpg Sandy Vohr has been making the most adorable luscious little leather bean bag creatures for the last 30 years. In fact i think i even received one of her beautiful little leather frogs as a paperweight as a kid! The site even says, “The animals are made from cowhide and deerskin, and filled with various combinations of fiberfil and beadlike materials.” When i spotted the Bunny Bookends at Barneys, i got nostalgic and ended up looking up Sandy’s site… where i discovered so many new adorable leather creatures ~ from moose to dragons, robots to octopi! See some of my favorites on the next page! Looks like she’ll even do customs!








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We sell these at our store. I don’t think they’re on our website but you can always call to find out what’s in stock. (And there’s no shipping or Sales tax since we’re in Oregon.) :)

www.meringueboutique.com 503-365-7725

----- Kristen 10.05.10 12:17

*LOVE* them!
*LOVE* Notcot, you never cease to amaze me in your findings. Such an inspiration!

Thanks for all your amazing posts :)

----- Agusta 11.04.10 04:08

Sweet, but I have to agree w/ Mina. They’d be better off with fake leatherm don’t you think?

----- Nadia 06.04.10 15:37

I love their functionality! They would be so good to have a home…

----- Helen 04.04.10 23:52

My initial reaction was AW CUTE ANIMALS until I read that they were made of real leather…

----- Mina 03.04.10 12:04

Love it!

----- Melanie 03.04.10 11:44

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