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Swarovski Crystal Palace 2010- 04.14.10

crystalpalace0.jpg One of the most breathtaking things i’ve experienced, perhaps EVER… is this MIlano Salone 2010 Swarovski Crystal Palace. It is a sensory overload in all the right ways, taking the idea of sparkly objects to a new and undeniably attractive new level… each and every piece literally transforms a room, and to be in rooms with others who are standing there quietly in complete awe, it almost feels as if everyone is in the presence of an otherworldly being. It is both incredibly calming and zen while still perhaps impressively luxurious and excessive… So take a look at some of my favorite pieces ~ unlike press photos that tend to have no one in them, you’ll see the photos i loved best ended up being with people! And giving you more of a sense of scale and awe ~ the interaction with the spaces if nearly as fascinating as the pieces themselves! Pics on the next page!

crystalpalace1.jpg Yves Behar created “AMPLIFY” , a series of deceptively simple ‘paper lanterns’ shaped like crystals.

crystalpalace2.jpg Within each lamp a light is refracted from a real crystal, casting its patterns on the surface of the paper.

crystalpalace3.jpg Conceptual packaging that lets you appreciate the 6 different shapes used for his composition hinting at the possibility of its fabrication maybe?

crystalpalace4.jpg “STELLAR” by Tokujin Yoshioka is as potent as it is attractive cluster of crystals that recreates a star descending from the sky emitting many rays of light.




crystalpalace8.jpg SPARKS by Gwenaël Nicolas consists of a 10m long string of crystal incorporating LED lighting that is programmed to set off more ‘sparks’ which jump along the length of the rope.



crystalpalace11.jpg With “Frost” ,Vincent Van Duysen has created a highly versatile glowing ‘beam’ encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The design can either be used on its own or joined together as modular elements to create dramatic architectural shapes.


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4 Notes

great show, wonder how the feeling would be if it was on salone?

----- mappen 22.04.10 03:44

Hi and thanks for posting the Crystal Palace, and indeed it’s great you’ve got the people on the images as we all designed this for people I think. In case you would like to have the photos of my piece as well, I can send them to you… The room with the Dream Cloud is very dark so taking photographs was a challenge! Keep up the good work, Rogier.

----- Rogier van der Heide 17.04.10 07:27

Hi, I’m so glad the Stellar piece is being received so well. We engineered, manufactured and installed the piece in a little over 8 weeks.
We enjoyed it, and hope you all do too.
James Arrowsmith
S3i Ltd

----- james arrowsmith 14.04.10 23:32

Thank you for sharing that. It’s breathtaking (especially the one designed to look like a star!) and it has made my morning infinitely better.

----- Gemmi999 14.04.10 05:07

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