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Gramercy Park Hotel’s Magical Roof Club- 05.16.10

gramercyroof0.jpg I must admit i was skeptical when one of the most common words that came up regarding the Gramercy Park Hotel Roof Club… was “Magical”. Sure some of the women who uttered the word seemed like the type that may use it in daily conversation, but some of the men who did, most certainly didn’t seem like the type.

Sure enough ~ as i stumble off my redeye, and at 7am find myself at the Gramercy Park Hotel, which was kind enough to invite me to visit their world while here for NY Design Week, my room wouldn’t be ready till 10. With the limited amount of energy, my options were minimal ~ but breakfast with wifi on the roof sounded like a good place to start. Take the elevator to the top, step out, and get lead to a ridiculously adorable and comfy couch to curl up on while breakfast comes up… and as i order and process where i am… i can’t help but notice the beautiful lights, the ivy hanging and intertwined above me, how much greenery and the variety of pots i’m surrounded by… and as my eyes focus, suddenly i realize what a stunning view i’m waking up to. No joke. It’s pretty magical. Everything seemed to sparkle in that early morning glow! It felt as if you were in a large intimate garden/deck at home… and i hear its even more stunning at night, so, i’ll have to find a night to see it glisten as you overlook all of manhattan… So take a peek on the next page of how pretty the Gramercy Park Hotel Roof Club looked bright and early!





For some reason 5am seemed like the right time to stay up and share this with you! Perhaps by the time i’m done i should just head to the roof and get breakfast again! OH! And since the hotel is on Gramercy Park, they have a key to park ~ so after breakfast i relaxed in the park a bit while waiting for my room. While there, i also met this and many other squirrels… gramercyroof5.jpg

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The Retractable Enclosure atop GPH is manufactured by the company I work for Roll-A-Cover, Int’l!! They are quite magical, the enclosure was a perfect addition to their rooftop they simply roll open and closed!! The garden is very beautiful, a great place to go in the City! check out Rollacover.com

----- Jessica Lovett 09.06.10 11:33

wow, i’ve totally seen pictures from a wedding on that roof! with a squirrel theme!

----- rugenius 16.05.10 01:59

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