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Light Bulbs of Gramercy Park Hotel- 05.16.10

gramcerybulb1.jpg Wow. There is a definitely love of light bulb clusters at the Gramercy Park Hotel ~ particularly in this room that opens up to the Roof Club… but also in my bathroom! While it does feel a littler overwhelming, it is also completely mesmerizing, and makes for some fun pics! See more on the next page!



On lighting - these are also out on the roof, and SO lovely! gramcerybulb4.jpg

There are two of these clusters in my bathroom ~ one on each side of the mirrors ~ while beautiful, they do stay a bit on the dim side… definitely fun ambient bathroom lighting! gramcerybulb5.jpg

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Do you know where I can purchase the Gramercy Hotel bathroom lights?

----- Alan 05.08.12 14:44

Nice post. Do you know Jeff Wall’s photograph The Invisible Man? If you don’t, definitely look it up. It’s been my theory for a while that some of The Gramercy’s lighting concepts were inspired by (or ripped off from) Wall’s photo.

----- d i a n a m u s e 16.05.10 14:50

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