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Material Possessions + Help- 05.16.10

materialhelp1.jpg 3am - Going through hundreds of pictures ~ and not sure where to even start, or if i should just curl up and get some sleep, somehow these two pictures from within hours of each other felt like they needed to be shown together. While separately they grabbed me, together they felt inseparable.

Found on a billboard in Noho ~ “Material possessions won’t make you happy, or maybe they will.” And then riding the elevator “home” to my room at the Gramercy Park Hotel ~ “Help Is On The Way” ~ instead of my floor, every time i step in, i want to press that. Where is the “Everything will be ok.” button? Feel free to see both far away and close ups on the next page. Interpret as you will!





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You noticed it too! What is it all about?

----- Michael 17.05.10 10:04

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