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MIO Pop Up Bicycle Basket- 05.17.10

popupbike0.jpg MIO debuted their new “Design On The Go” Collection ~ “featuring products that move with their owners and become part of their every day lives.”… As Isaac Salm said “We are extending MIO’s product line from the home to the rest of your life.” A true lifestyle company! This new collection includes bespoke 2000+ hats, tyvek Loop Cut jackets, and my favorite the Pop Up Bicycle Baskets and Pop Up Baskets. The bike baskets ship flat and are made of laser cut powder coated steel and come in the prettiest black, white, and green options…






Here’s the pop up basket! popupbike3.jpg


These hats can be customized based on colors, trims, styles, fabrics, and more! popupbike4.jpg

Jackets made of Tyvek! popupbike5.jpg

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