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Core77 Photopaddles- 05.17.10

core77-glasses0.jpg Firstly, Glen! THANK YOU. For being so incredibly kind and generous and giving me your photopaddles on the street. Once we all parted ways, the paddles and i found a face in just about everything i saw… so here’s a selection of them!

I’ve been hearing rumors about these paddles, and seeing supposed pics using them the last few days on iphones at parties and such… but until Glen actually put some in my hands, i didn’t understand quite how addictive these Photopaddles are. Geniuses over at Core77 gave the first 200 guests limited-edition “Instant Designer Glasses” Photopaddles designed by Steven Haulenbeek. Lots of the pics are showing up in their flickr feed… and see a selection of my ridiculous ones on the next page!

As you can see ~ it’s not EASY! Glen’s friends were kind enough to let me try it on them ~ and anna’s hands are holding them ~ and i tried to shoot it with the big camera… we must have looked pretty insane. core77-glasses2.jpg

So then i started shifting to seeing faces everywhere! core77-glasses3.jpg

And as we were running around ~ started playing with lots of cellphone pics… core77-glasses4.jpg

Everything looks cuter with the glasses, no? core77-glasses5.jpg


… even the dot in the i for Vitra? core77-glasses7.jpg




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What a silly, awesome idea! Keep it coming!!

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