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Tiger Balm Wood Prototypes- 05.31.10

woodtiger1.jpg Feeling a bit nostalgic today, cleaning up old pictures and posts that fell through the cracks, wanted to share these little Tiger Balm toy/marketing prototypes my grandfather made that surfaced last time i was in Singapore. So adorable and made of wood, couldn’t help snapping a bunch of pics to remember them by! So sad one of them lost an ear! And some of the springs got a bit wonky… and check out the super cute blue toes! More details on the next page…







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I’d buy ‘em! Retro perfect for anyone who grew up with the stuff plastered onto them whenever they had aches and growing pains!

----- Mark Wu 08.06.10 17:44

these are wonderful - i wish i had a few of my own. I wish things like this were still made. :(

----- regina 04.06.10 13:05

These are the most adorable things, ever. What were they for? Your gramps is talented.

----- Masa 01.06.10 11:56

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