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Absolut Brooklyn- 05.31.10

absbrook00.jpg Freshly sent over from Absolut, Absolut Brooklyn ~ a collaboration with Spike Lee, it has one of the most unique Absolut packaging changes… can you believe they Spike Lee’d the seal?!?! Adding glasses and baseball cap on Lars Olsson Smith! Additionally they have a line from Lemon Andersen’s spoken word poem “Somewhere in the world Brooklyn in da house and you know we won’t stop spreading love cause that’s our way.” on the bottle alongside the silk screened image of an illustrated Brooklyn Stoop, which is #165 as a nod to Spike Lee’s brownstone roots. As for the flavor ~ it is a Red Apple and Ginger flavor ~ “its flavor evokes the spice and vibrancy Brooklyn brings to the big apple”… it’s quite delicious, though a bit jolly rancherish… Take a peek at more details on the next page!










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Stumbled onto this over the weekend, real good look….good flavor and pretty smooth!

----- DB 28.06.10 14:43

I’m straight Brooklyn baby. So I’m down for whatever Spike puts out. Since Crooklyn Dodgers with Premo, Chubb Rock, OC and Jeru. Anything Spike does- Im with it.


----- Gutta Bill 10.06.10 16:38

I was listening to BLS last week and heard Chubb Rock shout this out. He’s always in touch with what’s hot in Brooklyn.
So I’ll definitely ride with this. Ciroc ain’t shit no way lol

----- Tom Ingalls 10.06.10 16:34

Salut Monika,
I checked with the LCBO on Lakeshore in Toronto, they were aware of the bottle but doubted it would be sold here. Perhaps the SAQ in Montreal may have better luck!

PS: I would recommend the Absolut Acai Berry if you are looking for something sweet but not an overwhelming vodka taste.

----- Charles B. 01.06.10 14:03

Charles is right. And I’m in Montreal, Quebec has it’s own liquor commission which is more wine-friendly than anything.

Shame, I would have really liked to try it.

----- Monika 31.05.10 19:09

Would you know whether or not this collaboration will be sold publicly?

FYI: Liquor is controlled in Canada and only sold by the LCBO.

----- Charles B. 31.05.10 15:36

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