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Belkin Conserve Valet- 06.29.10

valet0.jpg On products that got me all excited at CES back in January that i couldn’t write about until now… the Belkin Conserve Valet!!! A “Smart USB Charging Station ~ Save Energy, Reduce Clutter”… as you know, chargers left plugged in can still be power vampires, but it’s not always easy when you’re in a rush to remember to unplug them all! I’m guilty of “docking” (aka plugging my phones/laptop/etc in) right next to my bed when i crash, then grabbing them and heading out in the mornings… leaving the chargers hanging… with the Belkin Conserve Valet, i can do that, and not waste energy! Since it will auto shut off and draws ZERO power when its not in use! It’s also nice that its so pretty and simple ~ with a nice matte black grippy surface, cord management, and more… perfect for cell phones, bluetooth headsets, ps3 controllers and more! (Perhaps it needs an add on stand to dock my iPad too?) The nice Belkin-ers sent me some early samples to poke at, so you can see an unboxing and some close up pics on the next page!

p.s. Not available till Mid July ~ but available for pre-order on Amazon.

Firstly, here are a few first hand pics i’ve been sitting on from CES back in january!





And on to the hands on Unboxing! Nice minimal simple cardboard packaging that can work on a shelf, or hanging… valet5.jpg


In the box is the charger, power, cable, micro USB, and mini USB… also, love the matte black grippy surface! valet7.jpg

Conserve Valet :: * Charge up to 4 mobile devices at the same time * Frees up wall outlets: Replace up to 4 charging “bricks” with 1 clean power cord * Saves energy by automatically turning off after devices are fully charged * The product itself draws zero power when not in use-so you can keep your devices ready to go without wasting energy * Designated charging spot: Always know where your mobile devices are and that they are fully charged * Eliminates standby power: Doesn’t power until you hit the start button * automatically turns off when you unplug all your devices * Reduces clutter: Innovative storage area to hide messy cords * Includes 2 cables: A USB to mini-USB cable and a USB to micro-USB cable are included

Before plugging it all in…. and after! valet9.jpg

Nice little details like cable notches to hold them in place… valet10.jpg

You push the start button to get it going… valet11.jpg

And it lights up! But its smart enough to auto shut off! And auto resets the timing when it notices something new gets plugged in… valet12.jpg

The 4th USB is on the side! valet13.jpg


Press photo! valet00.jpg

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The Belkin booth at CES last year was my favorite by far, I actually came across the creative firm that came up with it. They have some really cool stuff. www.commonwealth-projects.com check it out

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