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Electrolux Ergorapido + Tobias Allanson - 06.30.10

electrolux_ergorapido-1.jpg You know i love a good unexpected brand/artist collaboration ~ well this Electrolux + Tobias Allanson piece is awesome! When artist Tobias Allanson was commissioned to illustrate Electrolux Ergorapido’s performance in real-life situations, he decided to create a kinetic sculpture using a real Electrolux Ergorapido. His sculpture showcases Ergorapido’s effective dust pick-up, maneuverability, LED headlights and 2-in-1 function in four situations in the home environment. The sculpture was also filmed! Check out the video on the next page… as well as lots of pics, and the making of vid!


One source of inspiration was the cleaner’s high performance. And why not? In a test by the independent test institute SLG, Ergorapido came out as the instant vacuum cleaner with the best total pickup. You can see the cleaner’s effectiveness as it moves from one end of the sculpture to the other.

Of course, you can’t clean up what you can’t reach, so Ergorapido is designed to be easy to steer. In one section, the sculpture shows how Ergorapido manoeuvres around obstacles and even under tables with a twist of the handle, thanks to its double-jointed floor nozzle.





Finally, one of the most challenging aspects of the creation was to show how the handheld unit snaps out to clean furniture, tables or the interior of the car. How did Tobias do it? The secret is magnets.





Finally a nice video summary of the creation and execution of Tobias’ Kinetic sculpture.

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