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Diem Chau + W+K = NIKE Crayons- 06.09.10

standing_group_crayola_nike.jpg Unbelievably awesome. When my favorite crayon carver, Diem Chau, emailed me with pics last night of the latest project with W+K for Nike… for World Cup… the press kit for Write the Future campaign…. i was instantly amazed and jealous of all the lucky folks that got one. Such a beautiful piece of art. Incredibly packaged. Awesome idea. All the soccer stars are personified in crayon carvings! Huge thanks and congrats to Diem and W+K on an awesome project (and for providing the pics!) and see close ups on the next page…

Firstly ~ the amazingly epic NIKE Write the Future World Cup spot








Didier Drogba in Copper from Crayola. This color was introduced in 1957 and is Charles Schulz’s favorite color from Crayola.


Fabio Cannavaro in Antique Brass from Crayola. This color was introduced in 1998 in the 120 box set.


Wanye Rooney in Timberwolf from Crayola. Introduced in 1993 in the Big Box of 96.


Franck Ribery in Gold from Crayola. The color was introduced in 1949 in the 48 box set.


Robinho in Silver from Crayola. This color was introduced with Gold in 1949 in the 48 box set.


Cristiano Ronaldo in White from Crayola. Introduced in the Studio & School 12 box in 1903.


The 6 figures that are in each kit. In the final version Robinho (far left in Silver) sticks his tongue out slightly and Rooney (Grey) has his arm folded instead of raised above his head.


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4 Notes

Such gorgeous packaging, the wood is beautiful, the carvings are beautiful, the attention to detail is incredible. I LOVE THIS WITH EVERY INCH OF MY BEING.

----- trob 01.03.11 16:14

Forget Brazil, Argentina, Italy. This is the year the USA finally pulls it off. It’s a lock! Go USA!

----- Kimberly Kindergarten 10.06.10 19:09

These are amazing! Not only does it get us excited about the world cup starting in just a couple of days, but the design is inspiring too!

----- @Thinkstock 10.06.10 10:13

Hello from brazil!
This is amazing, but there is something wrong here. The official sponsor of the world cup is Adidas, not Nike. They should not use the words “World Cup”. If Adidas see this, they won`t like it.

----- Rafael 09.06.10 15:29

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