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Louis Vuitton Retrospective Shanghai- 06.10.10

postcardFront_lv.jpg Latest Dear NOTCOT post fresh in from Julie Wolfson who was just exploring Shanghai for the 2010 expo! Absolutely awesome pics of the larger than life Louis Vuitton Suitcase… and the incredible exhibition within! Thanks for sharing, Julie!

Louis Vuitton Paris 1867- Shanghai 2010 - In Shanghai just down Nanjing Road from where I was staying as a guest of the Portman Ritz-Carlton, I found a building sized Louis Vuitton suitcase at Plaza 66. Seeing a major LV display on the outside is a sure sign that there will be something amazing to see inside. (I found that out last year when I saw a Murakami designed facade in Tokyo.)

On the bottom floor of Plaza 66, a customized luggage workshop filled a section of the LV store on the 4th floor of Plaza 66, the Paris 1867- Shanghai 2010 exhibit at Shanghai Plaza 66 celebrates the company’s participation in world exhibitions. Almost a century and a half ago the Louis Vuitton company was introduced to the world stage at the Paris World Exhibition of 1867. To enter the show Paris Shanghai show I walked through a giant red three-dimensional red book. Inside more red books open to reveal white cutout resembling children’s pop up books. Each display tells the history of Louis Vuitton’s luggage. From the wardrobe trunk made in 1911 to the Amiens Fitted Suitcase with toiletry containers from 1931, each case is made with incredible detail. Peering close up to one of the latches or handles reveals how LV luggage design has defined the art of travel. I’d be happy to have just one LV suitcase. It really would make any trip feel more glamourous.

Plaza 66 is located at 1266 Nanjing Road in Jing’an just down the street from The Portman Ritz-Carlton. The show is open on the 4th floor of Plaza 66 until October 31, 2010. For now see loads more pics on the next page!

















The Expo 2010 pavilions created by France and China are both worth a trip to Shanghai too. The French pavilion explores the sensuality of their culture with lush plants, art and food displays, and performances including Polynesian dancers. The elaborate exhibition halls designed by China are an awe inspiring celebration of technology, art, culture, and history of the host country. Seeing Shanghai from ancient water villages to views from high up from my room in The Portman was a dream. Finding a mammoth Louis Vuitton case in the middle of it all the eye popping designs…wow.



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Shang Hai’s LV rocks! This place looks beautiful, like a museum. lol China does it again!

----- pinkblings 04.09.10 18:55

For those interested in going, there was no line when I wandered upon the exhibit. The expo lines, however, are in a photo worthy class of their own.

----- reeder 11.06.10 14:44

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