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Melissa Haslam’s Botanica- 07.12.10

haslam0.jpg Eerie inspiration of the day ~ LeBasse Gallery just posted a preview of Melissa Haslam’s Botanica… my favorite is Fox and Rabbit ~ though it’s hard not to think VAMPIRE! As soon as you see it… or maybe that’s the inescapable twilight mania subconsciously working on me. There’s something fun about her girls in their fun, simple, dark fashions with that burst of color coming from the naturally inspired…. flowers, animals through hair, and more. Take a peek at more of my favorites from Melissa Haslam’s upcoming show on the next page.






Not from Botanica ~ but from her previous show ~ also fun fashions! haslam6.jpg

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Hope you can join us this Saturday July 17th for the show! Thanks J!

----- beau 15.07.10 12:44

Hello, Melissa,

What absolutely beautiful work. It’s so clean, graphic, well rendered and well composed. Stunning, really. Best Regards to you :)

----- Art Donovan 12.07.10 17:05

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