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Unwarping Chandeliers- 07.09.10

flowers0.jpg SO, when reading Today Tomorrow ~ i was fascinated by Golan Levin and Kyle McDonald’s flowers unwarped images… Golan Levin says “Abusing my open-source BloggieUnwarper panoramic-imaging software with some flower photographs from Flickr, we produced the “flower panoramas” below. This is what you would see if you were doing panoramic imaging from inside a flower…” Well i couldn’t help myself, and as soon as i saw this, i lit up upon realizing all of those Chandelier Mandalas i’ve been photographing all over the world… needed to be seen from within! So on the next page you can see “what you would see if you were doing panoramic imaging from INSIDE CHANDELIERS!” ~ and candles, and the amazing Hope light, and even the ceiling of the galleria, and more! It’s quite a trip… be warned, there are a LOT of images on the next page… i’m having way too much fun with this!

Their version and Nganguyen’s original flowers1.jpg

Their version - and the original by Connor Ogle flowers3.jpg

When you run the FlowerUnwarped Processing script ~ this is what you see: chandelier1a.jpg

Here’s a close up look at the sliders of what you can adjust: chandelier1b.jpg

And here are my adventures playing with chandeliers, lamps, candles, etc i’ve been taking pictures beneath the last few months… first ~ one from Versailles chandelier1.jpg

Another from from Versailleschandelier11.jpg

Chandelier from the Lydmar in Stockholm chandelier2.jpg

Chandelier from the Lydmar in Stockholm chandelier3.jpg

Chandelier from the Lydmar in Stockholm chandelier4.jpg


Looking inside a Dayna Decker Chandel chandelier6.jpg

Inside Luce Plan’s Hope Light chandelier7.jpg


Inside the Milano Galleria chandelier9.jpg

And i couldn’t resist ~ here’s one more from Versailles chandelier10.jpg

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4 Notes

Where can i get the code for FlowerUnwarp.pde ?

----- Martin G. 15.07.10 07:28

Actually, Sarah, no… i mean unWARP. it IS the FlowerUnwarper i’m using after all.

----- jean/NOTCOT 12.07.10 11:57

you keep saying ‘unwarp’ when you mean ‘unwrap’

----- sarah 12.07.10 11:44

Super nice, the second two from Lydmar are my favorite. Something about the minimalism of the third is really attractive.

----- Kyle McDonald 10.07.10 09:43

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