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Alessi Tea Matter + Scoiattolo- 08.26.10

main.jpg Alessi released their new Fall-Winter 2010 product collection. Our favorites in the collection are “Tea Matter” tea strainer and tea caddy by Alan Chan and “Scoiattolo” nutcracker by Andrea Branzi. Lately, been working a lot staring out the kitchen window ~ laptop open, with a background of dozens of birds happily chirping away and squirrels racing in and out of the yard barking at each other… so when the new Alessi press kit came across the table, perhaps its not so surprising that the birds and squirrels ended up being the designs that grabbed me first! Take a peek at close ups of both on the next page!

In addition to being a well known graphic designer, Hong Kong’s Alan Chan, also produces his own high quality tea. What better designer to develop a tea strainer?






Branzi’s Nutcracker “Scoiattolo” is made of stainless steel and wood and is a refined design of the archetypical representation than can be seen frequently throughout the historical production of nutcrackers. The sleek minimalist squirrel and log look beautiful on any countertop!




These are currently available through unicahome.

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I love Alessi kitchenware or maybe I should say sculptures. My introduction to Alessi was in Italy. My cousin moved to a small town south of Pisa, near the coast, called Donoratico. Just a few shops on the main road, but all beautiful and fancy as only the Italians can do. One of the stores is an Alessi store. We’ve spent many rainy days looking at all their stuff. Your photos bring back nice memories.

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