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Family Tree Monster Friends Posters- 08.25.10

monsters0.jpg Your favorite nightmarish monsters have never been cuter than this 4 poster series of Monster Friends by Family Tree design and illustration i discovered at OMG Posters. There is The Kraken by Alex Pearson, Yeti by Jeff Kandefer, The Lochness Monster by Andy Young, and The Sasquatch by Julian Baker! See close ups on the next page…










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These illustrations are so right-on that it’s unbelievable. The colors are correct, the use of zippertone, the abstracted shapes. Blows me totally away. Super!

----- Pete 18.10.10 15:01

The sasquatch one is boss!

----- Nerfs 13.09.10 09:27

this would be a good premise for a pixar movie =]

----- Kasey 06.09.10 13:55

Those are amazing. I need to get a set for my wall!

----- Brooks 02.09.10 19:35

These are charming and I love the evocation of lightness, like satire rocking in a hammock over a volcano. Keep up the good work, we need more attitude like this in the world and preferably the art to go with it without an influx of carelessness.

----- Isaac 29.08.10 09:42

so awesome! I heard they are doing a reprint in blue…

----- racheld. 28.08.10 10:43

i freakin LOVE these!! so awesome!

----- sarah yates 27.08.10 21:27

I think you nailed it.
The Loch Ness Monster is my favorite.

----- LSDiesel 26.08.10 22:05

:D! stumbleupon is awesome! i like finding this like this :) its really nice how sasquatch plays with the lil snail > //

----- oko 26.08.10 10:18

ADORABLE! I love the text with all of them too. Very fitting.

----- Nicole Ami 26.08.10 09:59

Wow! Just great! Love this style! Not sure that I imagined Loch Ness Nessi like this, but yet a great set!

----- LukeSF 26.08.10 01:12

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