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Microscopic Look at US Visa + Typo- 08.19.10

usvisa00.jpg On silly late night fascinations ~ last night we were playing with my microscope and a US Visa and Border Crossing card… and the TEENY TINY strips with all of our US Presidents (up to clinton) and all of the state flags in alphabetical order on it. It is… amazing. And then we ran into John Quincy Adames… feeling like a bad american here, but isn’t it Adams? Is it a microscopic typo? Beyond that it really is fascinating to see how detailed each tiny flag and presidential portrait is up close, especially when you can barely see them with the naked eye! See more pictures on the next page!
















Oooh found some pics of a permanent resident card ~ looks like those have them too! perma.jpg

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On first sight the presidents looked like the boarder of an filmstripe.

----- matt 21.08.10 07:13

Hey Jean i sent you a tweet (@astridink) with the pics….but here they are http://twitpic.com/2gpown http://twitpic.com/2gpop4

----- astrid 20.08.10 23:17

James ~ i wrote about that a few years ago, sadly the design isn’t nearly as interesting - http://www.notcot.com/archives/2008/01/passport-card.php

----- jean/NOTCOT 20.08.10 03:52

I suspect the US passport card (now available for land crossings into Mexico/Canada) is designed fairly similarly to the Green Card and has lots of microprinting.

----- james 20.08.10 00:05

haha ~ astrid, you should have shown me then! Does yours have a Adames too? Did all of your different versions have adames or any other variations/etc? I wonder if there are any documents that citizens can get with these microscopic security measures…

----- jean/NOTCOT 19.08.10 20:41

OMG you just found out aboout this?! It is kind of surprise because i know this for a long time now i had the visa like ten years ago…oh last year I got a new one and they updated I have Mr. Bush!

----- astrid 19.08.10 20:14

This is not a misprint. John Q Adames wanted to distinguish himself from his father so he added the “e” to his name.

----- Chris T. 19.08.10 19:45

the error was introduced intentionally to thwart fraud.

----- jander panel 19.08.10 17:45

fascinating. I never knew. I think it is a misprint. There is no explanation of the misprint I could find. Only this will: http://brendabova.com/ECMAhnentafel.pdf

I would hold on to it for treasure purposes. Check other generations of passports if you can to see if the typo was corrected. If so, than your generation of passports may be worth something in the future.

Great photo BTW.

----- christopher paul 19.08.10 14:21

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