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Sponsored: 901 Tequila- 08.18.10

902teq.jpg Here’s a sponsored post from our friends at 901 Tequila ~ a natural NOTCOT fit, since i’ve been secretly loving these ads directed by JT himself…

Put Down the Shot Glass and Pick Up 901 Silver Tequila

901 Silver Tequila, the new premium spirit from Justin Timberlake, is unlike the tequila you drank in college. A triple distilled spirit with an incredibly smooth finish, 901 Silver can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Passionate for tequila, but tired of being left unsatisfied, Timberlake decided to make his own. With the Tequilera Newton distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, he helped create the world’s finest, smoothest tequila.

The recipe took more than three generations to perfect and uses only the best ingredients, like 100% Blue Weber Agave. With an aroma unlike other tequilas, its unique flavor and surprisingly smooth finish put 901 Silver Tequila in a league of its own.

The next time you’re out for a good time, drop the salt and lime and take a sip of the tequila that’s redefining how we drink it.

For more pics and vids ~ see the next page and check out more at 901 Stories!

Firstly ~ check out the awesome ad!

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3 Notes

Hi what a stunning site. It suits a triple distilled smooth tequila. This is not a beer site that’s for sure. If we were talking wine, it would have to be champagne.

----- Seb 18.08.10 20:37

I love the site and that girl on the home page is gorgeous. Leave it to Justin Timberlake to make an extremely sexy liquor brand.

----- Peter 18.08.10 12:18

I haven’t tastes the tequilla yet but I like the add a lot! Nice!

----- Travellific 18.08.10 04:14

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