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SCAD + Showtime- 08.17.10

shoSCAD0.jpg In light of tonight’s official Weeds season 6 premiere on Showtime, ended up wandering the Showtime site… and store… and was delighted to see so many of the playfully, minimalist designs/prints on pillows, candles, mugs, and more… and then it all made sense, upon seeing a trend in picking products from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD!) collaborations from the 2009 which were showcased in the 2009 Metropolitan Home Showtime House in Tribeca… apparently there are more than 40 products! My favorite ~ and most tempting to add to the pillows in the kitchen… is the Pill-Oh! Pillow, designed by Brittany May (B.F.A., advertising design, 2009)… followed by the Weeds “Subherban Dream” Pillow… see some of my favorites on the next page from shows like Weeds, the Tudors, Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, and more…





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Goodness I bookmarked this but forgot about it and now I am so pleased to find it again

The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.

----- Taisha High 24.12.10 07:20

Thank you for featuring my designs for the Showtime series Weeds, on your site. I am truly honored.

----- Heather Weiss 20.12.10 15:54

Wow, I feel honored to be mentioned on a site that I frequent so often. You made my day! I had a blast working on the Nurse Jackie series! Oh and by the way: the Pill-Oh! Pillow is even nicer in person ;-)

-Brittany May

----- Brittany May 25.08.10 19:30

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