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Super Mini Angostura Bitters- 08.17.10

bitters1.jpg Marcia (our Liqurious Editor!) is over at my house doing the photoshoot for her upcoming Cocktail book (more to come on that…) ~ and she brought me the most adorable present from her Tales of the Cocktail adventures in New Orleans! The teeny tiniest little 2” tall bottle of Angostura Bitters! It definitely reminds me of the little tabasco’s… so on adorable packaging scaled waaaaay down to a tiny glass bottle, check out more pics of it amongst the photoshoot bottles taking over my kitchen today!

p.s. Awesome email factoid that came in from Elywn - “Angostura uses an oversized label because when it was first started, the product was made in the Caribbean and the labels were printed in England. The labels arrived and were much bigger than the bottle….they had no alternative, so they stuck ‘em on - oversize and all….and the rest is history!!!” Ha!





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Where can I get the mini Angostura Bitters?

----- Tassie 27.11.12 08:37

well…there is a 750ml bottle Kraken rum right behind it in a couple pics.

----- ad 28.08.10 13:27

That bottle looks like it may be cute, but it’s hard to tell the scale from your pictures. I know that *you* know how big those tops are, but it would be much more useful to take a pic with the Angostura next to something that everyone is familiar with. Even putting that Jack bottle in a pic where perspective is not an issue would be helpful.

----- Allison 17.08.10 17:07

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