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Super Thin Samsung LED Monitors- 08.11.10

monitor1.jpg Still in moving chaos mode over here ~ but here’s a quick impulse buy i’m adoring from yesterday! Situation: peer pressure of a good deal with new Directv package… got a second receiver BEFORE second tv… thought it might be a good one to have dedicated to the Slingbox? But as i was itching to test it out, AND for some reason my ancient apple monitor (the pretty silver one!) broke (hoping it’s the adapter, haven’t confirmed yet)… while picking up an 8-port switch, fell for this gorgeous 23” SUPER thin Samsung PX2370 LED monitor ~ basically the monitor version of the TV i adore. And it’s SO thin and pretty with the clear edge… simple thin clearish black base… and LOVE that it has hdmi inputs as well as a headphone jack audio out! So its perfect as a second TV as well as a monitor for backup mac mini in the guest room! The details in the design are just so thoughtful and clean, had to take pics to share ~ take a peek on the next page!

p.s. just noticed i’m actually running Samsung LED ads! So maybe the ads worked. But the monitor is also the prettiest/awesomest option i ran into… so maybe both? awesome ads and awesome product?

Ridiculously light ~ and simple! monitor2.jpg


Perfectly doubles as both monitor and HD Tv monitor4.jpg

Simple little side buttons… monitor5.jpg

Screw on base… monitor6.jpg


A few peeks at pics from the site… monitor8.jpg

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Dee Man - totally agree ~ grabbed this as a quick monitor/tv for guest room to hook up to mac mini and the extra directv box… still waiting on that apple 27” display to start shipping! ;)

----- jean/NOTCOT 13.08.10 23:54

I just bought a Samsung P2770HD. I love it!

----- Liza 13.08.10 06:57

Keep in mind though, its still using TN LCD technology (even if it is LED backlit) its not a good choice for designers because of TN’s unpredictable color reproduction as opposed to IPS or MVA.

----- Dee Man 11.08.10 12:18

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