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Breakfast in my Hatch at Tremoille- 09.20.10

hatch1.jpg It’s the details that get me… like, given the option to have breakfast “Placed in your hatch” while at Hotel Tremoille in Paris ~ how can you NOT select it? And it’s AMAZING! So from the outside of the room, there are two doors, the main one you go in, and a half width one that’s just mysterious. From the inside, there’s a door next to the main door that opens to what feels like a closet with some shelves… Well, come morning, you hear a door open (which could be next door!) and then a light knock, and that’s it. It was like waiting for santa to come. Then you run over, open the HATCH, and suddenly, there it is ~ breakfast!

Ah, the simple things in life. So amusing, had to share! Also, it looks like your shoes and laundry may be deposited like that as well… check out pics to make sense of what i’m talking about on the next page!




Oh, and on other cute details ~ fun light switches… hatch5.jpg

an old school pic of the hotel in the lobby… hatch6.jpg

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It works exactly like the love hotels in Japan :D And here you can get a lot of interesting things besides the breakfast…

----- Thomas Lilja 20.09.10 22:28

What a wonderful idea, ” un monte-charge” to have your breakfast delivered !!

----- Eve Politanoff 20.09.10 11:01

That hatch is too brilliant. Perfect for post late night shenanigan mornings that require food, but a do not disturb slant.

Those switches are great too. Remind me of Rejuvinations’ mother of pearl, push button light switches. You might dig them


----- Victor 20.09.10 11:00

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