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Lemons Sprouting in Lemons- 09.26.10

crazylemon1.jpg Yes, lemon seeds sometimes sprout INSIDE the humongous lemons on my lemon tree back in LA. Just got these pics from Linhchi over there of the THIRD lemon we’ve found this happen in. (Remember the first one?) This time it is even sprouting some serious roots… so i had to share the pics as i stare in amazement. We’re debating whether to plant it in the ground, or try to stick it back in the lemon to see how much further it will go… see more pics on the next page!

Update - it’s incredible! She found 3 more in the next 5 she cut ~ and they have multiple sprouts going! She is the sproutmaster.





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They look like little creatures!

----- Angela 15.10.10 14:25

You could grow lemon sprouts! and eat them in salads. In theory lemon sprouts sound quite delicious.

----- Vic 01.10.10 04:47

HAHA!! That is crazy awesome!!!!!


----- Sarah 01.10.10 04:24

Oooh M! why so bitchy? actually crazy busy day, but regardless of what kinda of day, i’m still kind of fascinatingly inspired by the craziness nature manages to pull off. Yay for random inspiration in nature.

----- jean/NOTCOT 27.09.10 17:27

Slow day at Notcot?

----- M! 27.09.10 11:06

4th photo = the attack of the killer margaritas

----- Adrian 27.09.10 05:53

I honestly can’t believe you’re so surprised! I find them all the time…

----- vir_gin_ia 27.09.10 02:17

It’s the Flood!

----- Bryant 26.09.10 21:09

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