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Stacks Skateboards- 09.18.10

stacks1.jpg The nice folks at Stacks sent over some skateboards and shirts from their new Summer 2010 collection that’s graphically influenced by knights and old school Monte Carlo racing imagery… beautiful graphics by Michael Leon and Paul Hutchinson. Had a lot of fun shooting pics of these on the grass at dusk while getting literally attacked by the fog that i watched roll in across the back yard and engulf me ( and ruin my light!) ~ only to disappear as quickly as it rolled through. Eerie and awesome all at once! Also, now one of two things really needs to happen… i need to learn to skate… and/or it’s definitely time to take the idea of turning a skateboard into a swing for the tree in the front yard further! My not having a skateboard handy was my excuse for procrastination, then Stacks has this magical package sent over… it’s like they KNEW! Anyhow, take a peek at the closeups on the next page! (As well as the sketchstorming Leo did on this skateboard/swing idea!)









And while they didn’t send this one over ~ it’s so awesomely pretty the way the wood shows through… and i just love the idea of race car on skateboard… stacks12.jpg

and my absolute favorite deserved another close up… stacks10.jpg

As for ideas… help? Anyone know if a skateboard is strong enough to support a bit of weight if we used it as a swing seat? And we were toying with design ideas for being able to “dock” your functional skateboard (with trucks and wheels and all) into a swing mount to swing on, and then grab it and skate off… stacks11.jpg

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3 Notes

Very nicce!

----- CitUncennanon 29.11.10 10:06

Skateboards are made for standing on, and in my experience, the only way to break it is to stomp hard at the critical point right between the trucks. But with the load spread out equally between the trucks I think it would be just fine :) And if you use the ideas from the sketch it would be even stronger since the “stand” provides even more stiffness!
Your posts are amazing as always! ;)

----- Viktor 21.09.10 01:37

especially with F1 gaining a wider following, the monte carlo racing graphics are so relevant. the yellow board is my favorite.

----- steph 18.09.10 21:14

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