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Crystal Head Vodka Shot Glasses- 10.21.10

crystalhead0.jpg Remember when I first wrote about Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka almost exactly 2 years ago and people actually thought we were part of the joke propagating across the internet? But it was REAL? And awesomely pretty? Well wandering the supermarket last night i ran into the Crystal Head Vodka Gift Set ~ gorgeous skull bottle paired with two rather large mini skull shot glasses (missing skull caps!) and i couldn’t resist. While they seem EVEN bigger, after testing it out, each skull shot holds about 2.5oz… and that their need for a skull cap… i just couldn’t resist planting some succulents in there! So cute! Succulents in the skull = Skulculents? or Succuskulls? See more pics on the next page! They are way too fun!









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i loved your post and was wondering where you can by the gift sets and how much they would be? Thanks for posting

----- Ryan 25.01.12 15:52

i recieved the crystal skull and two shot glasses as a gift from my mother in law. shes the type of person that has always looked at all of my tattoos with a look of curiosity. she we so hyped when she came across the gift. she went on line and researched everything there is to know about this wonderful product as well as the lesson learned about the crystal skulls. thx Dan Akroyd.

----- tat2blu 27.12.11 08:22

Where do I request free taste-testing samples? I’m sure it’ll awaken the spirit.

----- Jason 28.10.11 15:42

They are in all LCBO in Ontario now and the duty free has 40,26 and little 2.5 mini skulls bottles.

----- brent 27.10.11 18:24

WOW, I just paid $56.00 US for the Crystal Head 750 ml bottle alone, no shot glasses. Another poster stated they purchased the bottle head AND “Shot Glasses” x 2 for 39.99 at Cosco?

Great Deal, I feel violated Dan!!! Well, on a good note, I suppose I can begin sipping my new Crystal Head Vodka and within about an hour, it won’t really matter!

The “Hangover” will be with the overpayment I’m sure.

Cheers Eh?!!!

----- Dave 21.10.11 14:30

I just missed meeting Dan Akroyd’s visit in Bloomington, Indiana, over last weekend to buy and have signed a bottle of his Crystal Head vodka. I would love to have an autographed bottle for myself and my son. Is there anyway that I could purchase on line such a request. Also would be interested (very) in purchasing the skull glasses x 4. If anyone would know how to help me obtain such wishes, please let me know. Thank you all very much.

----- Brett Wellman 19.10.11 09:54


Thanks for the heads-up on CHV w/shots selling at Costco…

Much appreciated!!!

----- John Paul Bell 19.10.11 05:32

This product is banned in Ontario… WTF??? Silly LCBO…

My brother lives in Montreal… He may be kind enough to scoop up a few sets for me… ;)

----- John Paul Bell 19.10.11 05:28

these are back at Costco - $39.99 for the 750 mL vodka crystal skull and two crystal shot glasses…just in time for Halloween. and they are divine! (-;

----- fester 17.10.11 22:57

I’m with everyone else here? Where can you buy those shot glasses/sets?!
I’m guessing you don’t make them anymore, but I highly suggest you do!
I know I’d be buying 2 myself! One for me, and one for my man!! (:

----- Crissy 27.12.10 18:41

Where can I get the Gift set of Crystal Head Vodka. I’ll let my cousin drink the Vodka. I just want the Bottle & Glasses lol lol :)

Ps I may take a shot or 2 lol lol

----- Leapin'Larry 24.12.10 06:51

I would like to know where to buy the crystal head sets with the shotglasses. Do you know of anyplace that I could order them from online?

----- Nicole 21.12.10 18:05

Bought the skull head last year for my husband & wondering where & if I can purchase the shot glasses.

----- Darlene Berry 10.12.10 12:56

where can i buy the crystal head and cups?

----- Laurie 09.12.10 19:55

hey, do you know where i could buy the set? i live in quebec, and know that they sell the bottle at the SAQ, but i’ve never seen the set. i’ll buy on internet if that’s where it’s at…


----- v 29.10.10 08:03

I just got this as a gift! The vodka isn’t the best tasting but still decent. Right now I filled this up with red wine. LOVING IT.

----- Jules 26.10.10 11:39

Hey, these look great! My boyfriend got this vodka as a gift and we were so surprised to realize Dan Akroyd was behind it! I was wondering where you buy your succulents - I’ve had trouble finding the really little ones around where I live. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Gennie

----- Gennie 25.10.10 19:45

skulls and succulents, 2 of my favorite things! thank you for this post! I love the succulent posts!

----- Sharon 22.10.10 07:52

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