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Favorite Places: Fred Segal- 10.12.10

fredsegal1.jpg NOTCOT’s Favorite Places ~ here’s a new series of posts sharing some of my favorite places in Los Angeles! This content series is brought to you by the All-New 2011 Kia Sportage. Welcome to the Next Level.

On favorite spots in LA, i had to share:
Fred Segal Santa Monica
420 & 500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Thinking through favorite LA spots ~ this one’s nostalgic! Fred Segal Santa Monica’s benches out front as one of my childhood memories! Sadly, my favorite one used to be a grown up and a kid silhouette, which is no longer there! But there are still two others! My mom used to take me there when i was in a stroller ~ and we even used to sit on the bench together on the silhouettes… and as much as this shopping haven has evolved and grown over the last 20 years, there’s still something comforting and fun about the patio out front ~ not to mention the shopping inside! An array of little boutiques housed the buildings across 5th St and Broadway ~ everything from fashion to beauty to gifts to purses to jewelry and some delicious food as well ~ it’s a nice little haven that i pop by every time i’m back in LA. So take a peek at a few snap shots we shot while there tonight on the next page!






With the Umami burger and patio seating there now ~ when popping by, decided to try out their veg options. fredsegal6.jpg

And while i’m generally not the biggest fan of their burgers ~ their cheesy tater tots are deadly! Yum. fredsegal7.jpg

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totally agree! santa monica is where my heart lies. there’s not a more charismatic or eclectic city i can think of from my past.

those tots look pretty knee-buckling as well :)

----- coocoo4coco 13.10.10 11:16

Love Fred Segal! And the sales girls are so friendly!

----- KD 13.10.10 11:13

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